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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Wealth Sharing Systems, Bitcoin Lottery, Online Bitcoin Lottery, Play Lottery with Bitcoin, Win Bitcoin, Earn Bitcoin

Our goal is to have you as a long term players and gain player loyalty, we hope forever. Our system is built to be fair, not to cheat, but to change the world. Initially people will be skeptical, we have met some,  but as you can see a lot of development and work has been done to make wealthsharingsystems the premiere website for Bitcoin gaming. 

As players play and win and they have already, withdraw and deposit, word will spread, quickly, affiliates working with us now have the most to benefit, as you keep what you sign up, clients for life, paycheck for life. This is global, we think big, we want big people to join us. 

Wealth Share keeps all its crypto with the leading and insured wallet services. We use google KSA and Transfon the whole site is encrypted including source code. Wealth Sharing Systems, Costa Rica, we make our profits, by producing winners! Not by cheating, stealing, or playing games with people and their money. Feel free to contact the management; they are almost always there for you to chat.

We built this technology to help change the system a little because wealth inequality is a major issue. You all agree a person with 0.05 euro cents can never be rich in the real world using just 0.05 Euro cent in Bitcoin?? Yes, many will lose, but every game has a guaranteed winner, so there is always a winner. Someone’s life changes, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, and for years.

Convert low cost traffic into profit from India, China, Turkey, Africa, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Mexico.  Our system works in 32 languages, that includes website, forum, email system, Android applications.

Pools will produce millionaires for 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 Euro cents, anyone with Bitcoin can make small bets daily and produce millionaire and winners in middle class amounts of wins, small quick games, fun to play, change your life.

So many chances with just 5 euro deposit, a player may enter into over dozens of MoneyPools , imagine if we can get the globe to play, from as little as 0.05 euro cents can change some one’s life and potentially yours, as an affiliate.

MoneyPools Technology is designed to work in poor countries and efficiently change the economic balance of a country, if people play, wealth will be redistributed efficiently.

Our belief is in the following values: Transparency – we want you to see who won, , provably fair – the encrypted random number generator is public source, efficiency – games are done as soon as all ticket sold, no banks involved – do whatever you want with your Bitcoin globally, changing the world with Bitcoin.

Plus Costa Rica, some people in the gaming industry say it’s ‘post its prime as a gaming center’, but it is very Bitcoin friendly and there are no taxes or anything so everyone wins, people are wonderful.

Go sign up and get your affiliates signed up, you earn 25% twenty five percent of the operators net on any win by your clients. This is the time when it all changes for you, as an affiliate: Meet your bitcoin/crypto lottery business opportunity.

See affiliate section for more info. Forum will be ready this week,



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