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Affiliates Earn Bitcoins Online


Affiliate Based Profit Paid in Bitcoin

When it's big enough, let's say one million (€1,000,000) big, Commissions earnings rise accordingly to ticket price and game win. With payouts of (1.5%) one and half percent for every ticket sold and twenty-five percentage (25%) revenue share of operators net for every win of your refferal! That is not all you earn (0.5%) a half percent of all ticket sold and five (5%) of the net profits of operator on wins that your refferals sign ups recruit.

No sign up fees
No account suspensions, no chargeback, no risk
Instant pay outs with no minimums, coin out instantly
Clients for life
Commissions for life
Players from entire Globe welcomed*****
Top 100 affiliates get bonus profits at end of year

Earn Bitcoin easy, great way to build your coin portfolio and potential wealth.

Bitcoin lottery ipaying out  one (1) million Euros in one game in Bitcoin! Currently focused on producing millionaires, but as the player base increases we will release the Multi-Million Euro games and soon after the Billionaires. 

One of the most profitable sources of affiliate multi-level cooperation exists in the bitcoin lottery field and most affiliates are not even familiar with this simple & profitable option. Because they're just not aware of how lucrative this kind of affiliation really is you earn for everyone you sign up.

Example of Affiliate profits 

Millionaires Club - Ticket - 10 Euros and one ticket will be selected out of one hundred thousand (1-100,000)

Total value 1 million Euro*

800,000* Euros**** goes to winner (80%*) eighty percent

200,000* - (20%) - House Take - Twenty Percent

First Level affiliate of winner earns (25%**) twenty five percent of 200,000*- fifty thousand Euros 50,000*

Second level affiliate earns (5%***) Euro 10,000*

for life of player

You might be thinking well, what if my player’s do not win the millionaire game? That is ok, we have hundreds of games and your player will likely win one, our system is designed to pay out, MoneyPools Technology is different.

Using pools with set amount of tickets, pools are filled game, once tickets are all sold game is over, winners are paid, cycle repeats.

Our goal long term players and player loyalty, we hope forever. Our system is built to be fair, not to cheat, but to change the world.Initially people will be skeptical, but as you can see a lot of development and work has been done to make wealthsharingsystems the premiere website for Bitcoin gaming.  As players play and win, withdraw and deposit, word will spread, quickly, affiliates working with us now have the most to benefit, as you keep what you sign up, clients for life, paycheck for life.

Wealth Share keeps all its crypto with the leading and insured wallet services. We use google KSA and Transfon the whole site is encrypted including source code. Wealth Sharing Systems, Costa Rica, makes its profits, by producing winners, not by cheating, stealing, or playing games with people and their money. Feel free to contact the management; they are almost always there for you to chat.

We built this technology to help change the system a little because wealth inequality is a major issue.  Convert low cost traffic into profit from India, China, Turkey, Africa, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Mexico.  Pools will produce millionaires for 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 euro cents, anyone with Bitcoin can make small bets daily and produce millionaire of middle class amounts of wins.

So many chances with just 5 euro deposit, a player may enter into over dozens of MoneyPools , imagine if we can get the globe to play, from as little as 0.05 euro cents can change some one’s life and potentially yours, as an affiliate.

MoneyPools Technology is designed to work in poor countries and efficiently change the economic balance of a country, if people play. Transparency, provably fair, efficiency,  no banks involved, changing the world with Bitcoin.

and everyone your affiliates sign up, plus you earn 25% of the operators net on any win by your clients. This is the time when it all changes for you, as an affiliate: Meet your bitcoin/crypto lottery business opportunity.

Why is Lottery Affiliation So Successful?
First of all, the lottery is a simple game to market. Anybody can play it, anytime, anywhere.
It's accessible and it doesn't require any facility, training or education. That's why there are so many people around the world bet, estimates its as high as nine hundred twenty five billion Euros (€925,000,000,000) annually in bets and play for the win, every day, every minute. Can you imagine the magnitude of your designated audience? It's huge and the returns are for life, more sign ups playing more  you will earn.

Mind-Blowing Conversion Rate
That's right, affiliation is about results, and results are presented in conversion rates.
That is how you get paid instantly, so when you talk about this affiliation element in relation to the lottery, the sky is the limit.

The lowest ticket on our website costs less than €0.05 the minimum amount per ticket and as high as €10,000 Euro. With wins ranging from instant games as high as the Lower Middle, Upper-Middle, Millionaire, and Billionaire Wealth Class.  Larger prized pools games as high as  one billion euro the returns are higher for affiliates than with any other program.

If you think about the number of lottery tickets which are purchased every single day,
you can do the math and realize how much money you can actually make for yourself through affiliate traffic. Also, no more waiting for comission to be paid, we offer instant payouts in bitcoin. But wait, there's even more:

How Do We Boost Up Your Conversions?
Good of you to ask, after all, why should you team up with us you might wonder.
Well, you can stop wondering, because we pad you up with multiple creative materials and promotions
that expose our product and your service to a vast range of potential clients: Dynamic landing pages,
designed mailers, pre-landings, s2s postback.

Oh, and there's a lot more where that comes from we are the only crypto lotto technology offering these large bitcoin wins and instant games. WSS top 100 earners will get a yearly added bonus!! Thats right be in our top 100 and earn bonus bitcoins.

We offer multiple level comissions earning you more crypto for your traffic.

Referral Commission for ticket - - One and Half percent (1.5%) of value of ticket
Referral Commission for winner - *Net Percentage of profit of operator - 25%
Referral Commission for level 2 ticket - Quarter of one percent (0.025%) of value of ticket
Referral Commission for level 2 winner - *Net Percentage of profit of operator - 5%


*all deposits are made in bitcoin, all wins are paid in bitcoin, bitcoin fluctuates in price, there is no guarentee of 
exact final settlement value, could be more could be less, winners are given a set percentage of pool size as agreed in 
terms and conditions in bitcoin.

**First level Affiliates net percentage of operators net profit of winners ticket at completion of pool. 
*** Second Level Affiliates net percentage of operators net profit of winners ticket at completion of pool.

****Euro is the steady peg used for currency convience, this site does not accept or use Euro for settlement

*****No Costa Rican Traffic

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0.45 EURO  21/09/2020 09:16
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renjith12 (NA)
0.09 EURO  11/09/2020 09:29
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0.90 EURO  22/06/2020 21:40
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1.80 EURO  02/12/2019 20:24
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9.00 EURO  23/07/2019 10:32
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Mike (NA)
0.14 EURO  19/11/2019 14:59

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