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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction
a) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. is a company registered on the 18 June 2018 under the laws of Costa Rica with Company registration number and registered address at WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. Limited is trading under the name WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. and, MoneyPools™ Technology (accordingly any reference to WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. or shall be construed as constituting a reference to WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. LTD).

b) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A.  is regulated by the Republic of Costa Rica.
c) This agreement establishes the Terms and Conditions for the contractual relationship between WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. and any person registering with the WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. , known as a Player. Each player is required to accept these Terms and Conditions when registering for an account with WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. and is bound by them throughout the existence of the relationship.
d) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions including any of the Betting Rules at any time.  It is the players’ responsibility to regularly check for any changes.  Players will be notified when a material change is made to the Terms and Conditions, and such a change will require the player to accept the revised terms and conditions.  Should the player, due to any possible changes, not wish to continue using the services of WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. anymore, he can withdraw all available funds and close his account.
e) The contractual relationship between the registered player and WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. is governed by these Terms and Conditions and by the Laws of Costa Rica.
f) In the case of any dispute between the English language version of the Terms and Conditions and versions in other languages, the English language version shall prevail.
g) It is recommended that you print a copy of these Terms and Conditions and the Betting Rules for your records and store them in an easily accessible place.
2. Account Rules
1. a) Any player applying for an account must be at least 18 years old. In case the legal age is changed by the local authorities, the new legal age is directly absorbed by the Company.
2. b) The players of WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions at all times, and also confirm that they are:
            -  not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. systems or, to alter its code or content in any way;
3. d) It is the responsibility of the player to verify that when opening an account and conducting business with WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. , they are not breaking any laws and are of legal age to gamble in their jurisdiction.

4. e) In order to open an account with WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. , the prospective customer must correctly fill in the registration form found on the website and read and accept the Terms and Conditions as found on the website
5. i) All accounts are opened and transacted in the Bitcoin (BTC) currency.
6. j) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. is not a financial institution and no interest is paid on any funds, irrespective of the amount, held in the player’s account.
7. l) During the registration process the player will be able to choose his login ID and password. This password may be changed by the player at any time.
8. M) The player must keep his login ID and password secret at all times. In this respect, WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. advises the player not to write down his login ID and password in a way that can be easily found or used. WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. also advises the player not to leave his computer unattended when logged in, so that he can avoid anyone using his account without his consent. WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. also advises the player to construct a password with a minimum length of six characters which contains, as a minimum, upper case and lower case alphabetical characters and numbers or other characters (e.g. A!cM&@1234).
9. n) All actions performed in a game or tournament which are carried out using the login ID and password of a player will be considered to have been made by that player and therefore valid.
10. o) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. retains the right to examine and confirm the identity of its players at any time. When deemed necessary, WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. may request that documentation proving the player’s identity is forwarded to its offices. Examples of documentation requested could be certified copies of photo ID’s, passports, bank statements, references, utility bill, etc.
11. p) A player account can be sold or transferred to third parties.
12) Bitcoin prices fluctuate, games that ticket prices are pegged to EURO are for efficient game stability, final pay out for winners may vary based on bitcoin price as the value of bitcoin may be higher or lower at time of closing.
13) We do not accept players from Costa Rica, IP is blocked.
3. Deposits, Transfers and Withdrawals

1. a) Deposits can be made into the account through your bitcoin wallet.
2. c) Bonuses can from time to time be placed into a player’s account as part of a sales promotion/marketing campaign. More details of each bonus scheme will be published on the website as they are introduced. Bonuses can only be withdrawn only if the bonus conditions have been met.
5. e) A player can at any time log in to his account and view a statement of his account which would show all transactions effected on that account, namely deposits, bonuses, winnings, games played, pending games/tournaments and withdrawals.
6. f) At any time, a player can decide to withdraw part or all of his funds from his account by selecting from the various options made available by WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. . Once all the available funds have been withdrawn, the player has the right to close his WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. account if he wishes to do so.
7. g) The player acknowledges that WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. may only entertain withdrawal requests once confirmed by player.

4. Betting Rules

1. a) Only registered players can place bets, participate in games or tournaments.
2. b) Betting and gaming may only be done by utilizing a distant communication device (computer connected to the internet, mobile phone, etc.).
3. c) A player can only participate in a game or a tournament if he has sufficient funds in his Wealthsaringsystems account.
4. d) Betting, games and tournaments will be governed by the version of Terms and Conditions and Betting Rules valid at the time of the bet being accepted.
5. e) A request to join a game or tournament is deemed to have been completed as soon as it is received on the WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. system and validated and processed and becomes visible on the player’s device or computer in the list of game entries.
7. g) In case an event is terminated, funds that the players have utilized to book their participation in the event would be returned to the player.
8. h) The list of all the games/tournaments the player has played or has booked a seat into, their status and details are available to the player on the website once the player is logged in.
9. i) Should WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. decide to close a player’s account, all funds will be returned to the player. Similarly, funds that the players have utilized to book their participation in an event will be returned to the player.
10. j) Once a player has verified their intention to participate in a game, the game details, including the value of the bet, cannot be amended, cancelled by the player.
11. k) A mistake regarding the details of a game or tournament will not influence the validity game.
12. l) When the player participates in a game or tournament, he acknowledges that he has read and understood in full all of the Terms and Conditions and Betting Rules regarding the events offered by WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. as stated on the website.
13. M) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. manages the player’s account, calculates the available funds, the pending funds, the gaming funds as well as the amount of the winnings, less commissions. Unless proved otherwise, these amounts are considered as final and are deemed to be accurate.
14. n) The player is fully responsible for the actions carried out during a game. WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. will never question the player about the relevance of the actions they wish to carry out and will not be held responsible for the possible mistakes that could have been made during the game.
15. o) Winnings will be paid into the player’s account after the final result is confirmed. 
16. r) Because the games are multiplayer and players wait for each other in order to complete the game, in case of loss of connection by a player a certain amount of time is allowed for the player to rejoin the game otherwise the player would be considered as being disconnected and is removed from the play of the game. See the section on Loss of Connection in the Game Rules. The same holds if a player fails to make a move in the allowed amount of time for whatever reason.
17. s) Should the game server or our system malfunction, the game will be voided and all bets returned to the player. Should a game be erroneously settled, we reserve the right to retrospectively settle and adjust winnings and balances accordingly.

5. Responsible Gaming
1. a) A player must set his own limits on the amount he permits himself to bet/loose and or deposit in a specified period of time
2. b) A player may also lock his account for a definite or indefinite period of time if he no longer wish to bet.
3. c) Any changes requested by the player to reduce restrictions or remove the blocking of his account will not take place until seven days after the request is received. Requests to increase restrictions on his gambling or to increase blocking periods will have immediate effect.
4. d) Please refer to our Responsible Gambling section for more information about our commitment to responsible gaming.
6. Copyrights
1. a) Wealth Sharing Systems and its logo are registered trademarks of WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. . Any unauthorized use of the brand and/or the logo of, WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. could lead to legal prosecution by WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. .
2. b) All of the contents found on the website pages of WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. WEALTHSHARINGSYSTEMS.COM as well as its URLs are owned by WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. . Any unauthorized reproduction or use of this URL or of the contents of the WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. – website could lead to legal prosecution.

7. Liability 

1. a) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. is only liable for gross negligence or deliberate actions carried out by its management, employees or vicarious agents.
2. b) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. is not responsible for the services, pages or contents of websites to which links may be provided from time to time from the WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. ( website.
3. c) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. is not responsible for any consequences resulting from major incidents such as any strike, terrorist activities, political crisis, war, saturation of the telecommunication networks or natural catastrophe; which could lead to a total or partial reduction to the access to its services, on Internet or by phone.
4. d) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. is not to be held responsible for the consequences caused by the breakdown of any device or software, directly managed or outsourced, which could lead to a total or partial reduction to the access of its services, via Internet or by phone.
5. e) In the event of any mistake or negligent act from WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. ’s part, in relation to these Terms and Conditions, the compensation available to the player would never be any higher than the available funds on the player’s account or the amount of the bets involved in the mistake or negligent act.
6. f) Should one or more term or condition of this agreement be declared void by a recognized Court of Justice, then the remaining Terms and Conditions would retain their validity.
7. g) These Terms and Conditions represent the whole of the agreement between WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. and the player, and replace any previous written or verbal agreement, communicated by WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. .
8. h) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. does not accept any liability whatsoever for damage to a player or a third party which arises directly or indirectly from a mistake, misprint, malfunction of software on the WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. ’s website or that of any of its affiliates and/or partners.
8. Privacy Policy
1. a) We will only process your personal data for the purposes of which we collected it, namely to provide you with an online betting exchange service.
2. b) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. does not normally share your data with any other third parties; however, at times we may be required by law or legal process to disclose your personal information. We may also disclose information about you if we believe that disclosure is necessary for the public interest.
3. c) You have a right to access your data and request it to be changed or deleted at no cost to yourself.
4. d) You also have a right to stop receiving marketing information. You may do this by just removing the tick mark in the My Account page when you login.
5. e) For further information about how we process your data please view our Privacy Policy.
9. Complaints
1. a) WEALTH SHARING SYSTEMS, S.A. will endeavor to make a player’s experience with us an enjoyable one. However, there may be occasions where a player may feel dissatisfied with the quality of our products or of our customer service. A player may raise a complaint by addressing an email to our Customer Service at ‘’contact us’’. Your complaint will be escalated to management and we endeavor to handle it within 48 hours of receipt.
Responsible Gambling
when a gambler loses the sense of fun that casual gambling is meant to generate it means that he has a problem. He may begin to look at gambling as a way to make money or worse still he keeps on gambling to try and win back money he had previously lost. He often believes that he has special luck or abilities or that his luck may be about to change. When you gamble not just for that rush and you find yourself chasing losses and betting more, the result is a vicious circle of increasing losses and increased betting to recover the losses.
Responsible Gambling Tips
For many people gambling is exciting and entertaining. They make careful decisions about how to spend their time and money, where to go and how to have fun.
Here is how you can control your gambling:
1. Decide on a loss limit ahead of time and stick to it
2. Low-risk gambling is a way of playing. The key to low-risk gambling is to realize that "it's only a game."
3. Never borrow money to gamble
4. Set a time limit
5. Take frequent breaks
6. Balance gambling with other activities
7. Don't gamble when highly stressed, depressed, intoxicated or troubled in some other way
8. Only gamble with money set aside for entertainment, never with money for everyday expenses

 You can realize you have a problem:
1. If you are leaving your family alone for long periods of time, in order to gamble
2. If you arguing frequently with your partner about spending too much time and money on gambling and find that you cannot limit yourself.
3. If you are gambling family money needed for rent/mortgage, schooling, medical purposes, groceries, clothes, or heat.
4. If you feel you have to gamble to get to spend time with people you understand?
5. When you are with your family, at work or at social events, you find that you are constantly thinking about your next bet
6. If you look at gambling as a way of making money fast.
If your answer to any of the above is “YES” then we suggest that you take action immediately BEFORE it becomes a worse problem. There are many organizations that may help you to control your problem.
(, You are also welcome to contact us



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